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Affordable Bakkie and Car Hire in Durban, South Africa

Whether you’re visiting Durban for business or pleasure and need an affordable rental car, or simply in need of an inexpensive hire bakkie to transport goods from point A to point B – look no further than Highway Bakkie and Car Hire! We specialise in the rental of passenger cars, 1-ton bakkies, and 1.5-ton trucks for all your rental transportation needs. Simply specify your rental vehicle requirements below, submit a request via our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with an affordable quotation on available car rentals and bakkie hires before you can say, “I need a car hire”…


Our Rental Vehicle Fleet

Browse our fleet of rental vehicles below, select one that best suits your vehicle rental requirements, and get in touch with us for a quotation. Our rental cars, bakkies and trucks are serviced on a regular basis – giving you total peace of mind when taking to the KwaZulu-Natal highways and byways. Needing to haul a little more than expected? No problem! Highway Bakkie and Car Hire offer trailer rentals at super affordable rates!

About Highway Bakkie and Car Hire

Highway Bakkie and Car Hire is a car rentals organisation with two branches in the greater Durban, KwaZulu-Natal area. We specialise in the hiring out of passenger vehicles, pickup trucks (bakkies), and small trucks. Our branches are situated in Hillcrest and Pinetown. See our vehicle hire terms and conditions below:

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