10 Reasons to Book a Cross-Country Road Trip

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10 Reasons to Book a Cross-Country Road Trip

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Flying is quick and easy but it takes something away from the travel experience. Travelling by car may take a lot longer but it comes with some added benefits that make an occasional road trip very well worth the effort.

10 Benefits of Travelling on the Road

Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with your family, there are many benefits of a cross country road trip. Here are ten compelling ones.

Benefit of Road Trips #1: They’re Relatively Affordable

Flying is expensive and, depending on what time of the year you fly and how far in advance you book, you can really end up spending more than the trip is worth. With a road trip, you have fuel costs to consider but a god fuel-efficient car and careful driving habits can keep these to a minimum, plus you don’t have to worry about paying for taxis or shuttles to and from airports or the further costs of rental cars once you reach your destination. With a road trip, you can keep your travel costs under control.

Benefit of Road Trips #2: See Places You Wouldn’t Normally See

In today’s world, it’s easy to lose sight of the idea that the journey is the destination. We so often just want to get from A to B, without considering all there is to see in between. With a road trip, you get to understand just how big, diverse and fascinating a place South Africa really is, as towns and landmarks come up on your route that you never even knew existed. It becomes a journey of discovery.

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Benefit of Road Trips #3: Your Itinerary is More Relaxed

While you want to make good time on your road trip, you have some space to relax your schedule and give yourself leeway to stop off and explore or eat when the desire or need arises. This gives you the flexibility to let go and enjoy the ride and make spontaneous detours on occasion.

Benefit of Road Trips #4: Take in the Scenery

South Africa is a beautiful country – and its beauty is diverse. You will see landscapes and other features in the Northern Cape, for example, that look nothing like what you will see in KwaZulu-Natal. Flying will not afford you this opportunity, but you can take advantage of a leisurely drive to make the most of the scenery that unfolds before you.

Benefit of Road Trips #5: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

All travel will break your routine and offer you new experiences, but these are more plentiful on a road trip. The new people, experiences and routines that come your way on a road trip can help you to grow as a person. You can incorporate these changes into your life after the trip. Who knows? The road may hold some lifechanging revelations!

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Benefit of Road Trips #6: Enjoy Plenty of Alone Time or Bonding Time

Sometimes, you just need to be alone and clear your head. What better way than with a road trip? Got a lot on your mind? Get behind the wheel and just drive for hours and see if it doesn’t turn into a meditative experience.
If you’re travelling with the company, on the other hand, you have plenty of time to talk, bond, share your experience of the trip and get closer.

Benefit of Road Trips #7: Eat like a Local

Road tripping is ideal for foodies. You can stop in small towns and at roadside stops where the big restaurant franchises haven’t yet touched, and enjoy some of the local food and drink offerings. You can’t get anywhere near that with airline food!

Benefit of Road Trips #8: Pack More if You Need To

With air travel, you are severely limited in terms of what you can pack. With a road trip, you have a boot and possibly a backseat and there’s a lot you can squeeze into that storage space. Sometimes you need to carry more and a car gives you the chance to do just that.

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Benefit of Road Trips #9: Meet People & Collect Stories

Every new stretch of road holds the potential for a new story, as does every new town and every person you come into contact with. Speak to people, write things down if you want. You will find it very enriching and rewarding.

Benefit of Road Trips #10: Pass the Benefits on to Your Kids

Children can also learn a lot from a road trip. In addition to the experience of new people and places, they can also develop their patience, their bonds with you, and their ability to entertain themselves or draw interest and joy from their surroundings, rather than being absorbed in a digital device of some kind.

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