10 Ways to Use a Bakkie

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10 Ways to Use a Bakkie

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As the star of the South African roads, it is no wonder that so many people are in the market for a bakkie, whether they are looking for a functional and powerful vehicle to hire, or a new one to purchase themselves.

We have put together 10 ways to use a bakkie that you might not have thought of before, and surprisingly, might be able to make you some money along the way! Take a look at our top 10 bakkie uses below!

1. Moving Furniture

We have all moved house in our lives, if not moved large items of furniture either in or out the house, and how often do we wish we had a large vehicle to make the transportation process easier! Now, you may be an expert at cramming furniture into the boot of a hatchback, but maybe you don’t have to be!

2. Garden Refuse

In South Africa, there is no shortage of fallen leaves and hedge clippings, particularly in the winter months when nature is collapsing around us. The back of a bakkie is perfect for hauling garden refuse to and from disposal sites, and saves you a couple bucks by not having to hire someone to do it for you!

3. Haulage Business

You can make some extra cash by offering your bakkie for haulage jobs! Does someone need a huge cabinet moved from A to B? Or a package transported from province to province and you happen to be heading that way? You can offer to haul large items with your bakkie for cash. Talk about a quick buck.

4. Off-road Travel

Bakkies are not only divine highway drivers, but they can usually take things off road too! A good 4 x 4 can keep you and your mates safe on an adventure into the bush, with all the equipment you need safely stored in the back.

5. Campers Delight

Speaking of which, the back of your bakkie is the perfect storage space for all your camping necessities! The experienced camper knows the struggle of towing a trailer behind your family car, and it can get quite complicated pretty quickly… Avoid the mess and fuss with a bakkie, with ample built in storage for tents, camp chairs, ‘skottel braais’, ground sheets, inflatable mattresses and more.

6. Tow Your Toys

We know all about boys and their toys – from boats to bikes and beyond, you need a vehicle that can help you take your toys around the country with you. The average bakkie is often kitted out with a towbar, so your boat can be towed to the dam for a family day. And don’t forget the quad bikes in the back!

7. Comfortable Family Vehicle

In the past, a bakkie may have seemed like more of a punishment than a privilege, without the creature comforts of a modern small motor vehicle. These days, bakkies are some of the most durable, spacious and comfortable vehicles on the market, and are very suitable for families.

8. Making Large Deliveries

A bakkie is ideal for hauling large items, and you can ‘sell’ this service to your community. A bakkie is not only for profit, though, and you could help out local charities that are close to your heart by helping deliver necessities to them, or taking away debris and refuse when they need.

9. Clean Out Services

Another business idea! Advertise yourself and your bakkie as a Clean Out Made Easy service. Cleaning out the house and all the junk stored in the garage may be liberating, but dealing with the piles of garbage afterwards is discouraging. With a bakkie though, anyone can clean out their home with ease.

10. Holiday Making

Gear up for your winter break with a bakkie. A trip to the midlands isn’t complete without your creature comforts from home, and no vehicle can transport them better than a bakkie. Make the most of your holiday with a spacious and functional vehicle!

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