5 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

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5 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know

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It is always surprising to learn that the simplest of hacks can solve your toughest problems. From scratched paint to a lost parking spot, driving a car isn’t short of its challenges, but luckily, there are some simple ways to overcome them. At Highway Bakkie Hire, we understand the importance of a smooth ride.

Here Are the Car Hacks Everyone Should Know

You don’t need to be a newbie driver to benefit from learning some car hacks. You never know; there might be some you haven’t heard about over the years! Here are five hacks to make your driving experience all the easier. For those who want to delve more into cars, go ahead and read our Highway Bakkie Hire Blog .

1. Declutter for Longer Mileage

Wondering how you can make your mileage last longer? One simple hack is to declutter regularly. This reduction in weight will help make your car run for longer, so be sure to empty the trunk regularly.

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2. Use Toothpaste to Clean Lights

Fog on your headlights can be a real hassle. Luckily, the solution is simple, and it comes in the form of toothpaste. The great news is you will already have it inside your house, and all you need to do is add a little bit of toothpaste to a damp cloth and wipe.

3. Take a Photo of Your Parking Spot

Do you constantly forget where you have parked your car? If so, the simple solution is to take a photo every time you park. That way, you can figure out where you are much quicker. It’s a simple hack, but not everyone thinks to do it.

4. Use Seat Warmers

Car seat warmers are perfect for those cold winter days. Not only do they keep you and your passengers warm, but if you have a takeout you need to keep hot while you drive, the heated seats will do it for you!

5. DIY Air Freshener

The last of the car hacks everyone should know is all about the scent of your car. You want passengers to enjoy their ride, so why not make your own air freshener? With some scented candle wax or wax melts, place the stuff inside a mason jar, poke some holes in the top, and wait for the engine to melt it. It’s cheap, effective, and makes your car smell amazing.

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