5 Classic Road Trip Snacks We Love

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5 Classic Road Trip Snacks We Love

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Sometimes a road trip is only as good as the padkos you bring along. There are many options for keeping your stomach full as you push through those hundreds of kilometres, and we know all too well that chips, chocolate and biscuits are the snacks of choice for many.

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In this blog, however, we’ve decided to focus on some healthy alternatives – foods that taste good while also being convenient and high in nutritional value. Here are our top five:

Classic Road Trip Snack #1: Biltong

The South African favourite: delicious, high in protein, and originally created to be eaten while on the move – a perfect road trip food! Whether you opt for sticks, slices or droëwors, biltong will keep your taste buds and stomach happy for the duration of the trip – and it’s easy to handle with one hand on the wheel.

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Classic Road Trip Snack #2: Hard-boiled Eggs

Yes, okay – not the most glamourous, gourmet option available, but this is a perfect food for the road. Eggs are rich in nutrients, they have a high satiety factor so they keep you fuller for longer, and they are quick and convenient to prepare and eat.

Classic Road Trip Snack #3: Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats and they taste great. They tend to be a bit addictive once you start though, so they may require some restraint! You can get excellent road trip packs with assorted nuts and seeds and you can go with the raw option or roasted and salted. We recommend the former but completely understand if you choose the roasted option!

Classic Road Trip Snack #4: Protein Bars

These are excellent convenience foods that make you feel like you’re eating sweets while you’re actually getting a good protein boost. They’re not for everybody but they can come in very handy on a long trip when you just want something you can grab and snack on the go.

Classic Road Trip Snack #5: Fruit

Obviously not all fruit is good for a road trip – we don’t recommend you try taking mangos, for example. Bananas and apples are great energy foods and are easy to nibble on while you’re driving.

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