5 Important Car Maintenance Checks You Should Do Regularly

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5 Important Car Maintenance Checks You Should Do Regularly

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Car maintenance is something Highway Bakkie Hire knows a lot about. To keep your vehicle in the best shape, it is important that you have it serviced regularly. However, in addition to that, there are several checks that you can do yourself on a regular basis to ensure that several vital components are working properly. These checks are easy to do and require no mechanical expertise.

5 Car Maintenance Checks You MUST Do Between Services

Make a point of doing these five checks on a regular basis. They’re easy and they are vital for the safe and smooth running of your car.

For more tips on maintaining your vehicle and staying safe on the roads, take a look at our blog.

Check #1: Brakes

Your brakes are possibly the most important part of your car from a safety point of view. Do not take them for granted and don’t wait until they start grinding or screeching before you check on them. This is one check on this list that you should have done by a professional, but it is one that you cannot afford to leave out. Take your car to your nearest brake/wheel/tyre workshop and have them take a look for you. The frequency of this check will depend on your mileage and the last time you had new brake pads installed. As a rule of thumb, have the brakes checked every six or months or so.

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Check #2: Tyre Pressure and Tread

Having the correct tyre pressure ensures the longevity of your tyres. When inflated to the right pressure, your tyres will wear evenly. This is a very easy check to do. You can buy your own tyre pressure gauge if you like. However, you can just take your car to the nearest petrol station and ask an attendant to do it for you.

Your tyre tread is also very important, as this is how they get traction on the road. Look for signs of wear, or for any bulges or lumps that might indicate a problem. Low tread or bulges can cause slipping or even a blowout.

Check #3: Lights

Before you leave on a road trip of any appreciable length, check all the lights on your car – both headlights, all indicators, brake lights and reverse lights. It can be dangerous if any of these lights do not work.

Check #4: Wheel Alignment

If you find that your car is veering slightly to one side when you drive, you should get your vehicle’s alignment checked. Adjusting the alignment ensures your car will steer and react the way you want it to.

Check #5: Transmission Fluid

The last thing you need is for your car’s transmission to seize. Avoid this by checking that transmission fluid levels are always just right – not too high and not too low.

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