5 More Fuel-Saving Tips for South African Drivers

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5 More Fuel-Saving Tips for South African Drivers

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Considering the tough economic times we are entering, we all need to cut costs wherever we can. One expense we can all do with reducing is the cost of fuel, but that’s easier said than done, right? When you have places to go, you have to go, and the cost of keeping vehicles running simply is what it is.

5 Fuel-Saving Tips for Cutting Costs on the Road

This is not necessarily so, though; you can reduce your fuel consumption and thus the number of visits you pay to the petrol station, by following these 5 easy tips:

Fuel-Saving Tips #1: Keep the Aircon Off

This can be a tough requirement when you’re sitting in traffic in a hot car, but leaving your AC off completely, or using it sparingly, will make a significant difference to your fuel consumption. Anything that drains your battery power will also put a drain on your fuel – and AC is a major culprit in this department. That being said, the alternative – driving with your windows open – is even worse, as it increases drag and makes your engine work harder to propel the car. So, we’re not saying you should just sweat it out, but use your AC only when necessary instead of blasting it for the entire trip.

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Fuel-Saving Tips #2: Stay in the Highest Gear Possible

The higher the gear you’re in, the slower your engine speed and hence, the lower your fuel consumption. So change up as soon as it is possible to do so and always stay in the highest gear possible.

Fuel-Saving Tips #3: Keep Weight to a Minimum

The more you’re carrying in the car, the more fuel your engine will consume, so it’s best to pack as lightly as you can.

Fuel-Saving Tips #4: Don’t Idle

While your car is idling, you’re burning fuel and not going anywhere – it’s a complete waste. If you are sitting and waiting for any period longer than 30 seconds or so, rather switch the engine off and start it up again when it’s time to move.

Fuel-Saving Tips #5: Keep it Smooth

Braking and accelerating too harshly will cause your engine to guzzle fuel. Keep a safe following distance and slow down and speed up smoothly and gradually.

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