5 Reasons to Rent a Car in Durban

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5 Reasons to Rent a Car in Durban

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The rental car industry of South Africa is growing at a rate of knots, with more and more people realising the many benefits of renting a vehicle for their specific transportation requirements. You don’t need to rent a car when you have one of your own, right? Not necessarily! There are many situations when a rental car could serve you well instead of you using your own. So, have a look at our five reasons to rent a car in Durban – because your jalopy deserves a break too, you know!

Travelling for Business

So, the boss has sent you on a business trip to the golden KwaZulu-Natal coastline, and you’re flying first-class. You’ll need a rental vehicle to get around in, and keeping with the first-class trend for the day – you’re looking for something snazzy! Rental car companies ensure that their rental vehicle fleets include a range of rental cars to suite a variety of transportation requirements – from nippy hatches to elegant sedans, bakkies and small trucks. Arrive at your business engagement in style with a rental car in Durban!

Attending a Wedding

You’ve been invited to a wedding in the Natal Midlands, but it’s on a farm separated from the freeway by a 20km stretch of gravel road. Your little hatch might survive the 20km rubble trek, dodging potholes as big as swimming pools, but how sure are you that it’ll survive the trip back? Rental car to the rescue! Hire a bakkie in Durban, like a new double cab model with all the bells and whistles, and take to the Natal bushland in style without damaging your own vehicle.

Moving House

You’ve landed a job in Hillcrest, and the daily commute from Pietermaritzburg is going to be a challenge. You find a flat that is available immediately, but you’ll need to move in tomorrow afternoon. Moving companies aren’t fond of short notice jobs, so you’ll be charged a hefty sum just for the inconvenience. What do you do? It’s easy, you get in touch with a Durban-based vehicle rental company, hire a bakkie, and move yourself! Not only will this be more cost effective, but there will be less chance of something happening to your valuable household goods too!

Attending a School Reunion

School reunions are tough, especially when you weren’t the most popular pea in the educational pod. There’s all that judgement floating around, as your ex classmates stand around the parking lot to see if you made it big or not by looking at the car you’re pulling in with. Be the popular kid in an adult’s body by renting a stunning hire car and arriving in style! You might not have been voted the most likely to make a million, but you can look like you should have been.

Dumping Rubbish

One of the most common reasons people rent vehicles in Durban has to be when needing to dump rubbish or garden refuse. It’s understandable; who really wants leaking rubbish fluid all over the interior of their car? You can pile your garden refuse into your boot, but why dirty your newly valeted car when you can dirty someone else’s? Rent a bakkie for a day in Durban and take care of your rubbish loading and transportation requirements – you don’t even need to wash the vehicle before returning it!

Affordable Car Rental in Durban

When looking for a rental vehicle in Durban, think Highway Bakkie and Car Hire! Our rental vehicle fleet includes hatch-backs, sedans, long-wheel base bakkies, double-cab bakkies, and small trucks. Choose between daily or monthly rental terms, and take to the KwaZulu-Natal highways and byways in style with a rental car from Highway Bakkie and Car Hire!