Stay Safe this Silly Season – 5 Safety Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

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Stay Safe this Silly Season – 5 Safety Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Busy highway road safety tips for the festive season

With silly season soon upon us, your thoughts may have turned to how you are going to stay safe on the roads.
While you may not be able to control other road users, here at Highway Bakkie Hire, we can help you stay safe this December with our top road safety tips.

The Importance of Road Safety During Silly Season

Aptly named, silly season offers the chance for people to let their hair down and embrace the festive season ahead. However, with a vast increase in social engagements, not to mention alcohol consumption, you need to ensure that you know how to stay safe on the roads.

Fortunately, we are road safety experts at Highway Bakkie Hire and can help you stay safe on the roads all month long.

1. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake

If you are planning to indulge this party season, make sure that you stay within your limits if you plan to drive home at the end of the night. If you think you may drink more than you should, then either nominate a designated driver or book a taxi.

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2. Take Regular Rest Breaks

If you are visiting family who live far away this Christmas, make sure that you take regular breaks from driving as tiredness can put both yourself and other road users at risk.

Consider taking turns driving with your partner or book into a hotel overnight if you have a particularly long distance to travel.

3. Do Not Use Your Phone

One of the top road security tips not just for silly season but throughout the year, you should not use your mobile phone when you are driving.

If you need to use GPS, choose to use the system in your car rather than the one on your phone and, if you must make or answer a call, make sure it is in a cradle fixed to your vehicle.

4. Plan Your Route

Trying to plan your route while driving can be incredibly distracting, so where possible, you should always try to organise your journey before you leave the house.

If you are going somewhere, you have never been before, this is even more important as you want to choose well-lit and safe roads.

5. Be Vigilant

Sadly, the number of car hijackings surges over silly season, so you need to ensure you are keeping yourself and your family protected from this. The best way to do this is to be vigilant at all times and to keep your car doors locked.

Rent a Car Safely This Silly Season with Highway Bakkie Hire

If you are planning to rent a car over the holidays, we can help you stay safe this December with our selection of high-quality, road-safe vehicles. Get in touch here and let us help you drive safely this silly season.

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