5 Steps to Prevent Car Hijacking

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5 Steps to Prevent Car Hijacking

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Did you know that an estimated 68% of all car hijackings take place close to home? Furthermore, you are much more likely to become a victim of hijacking in the middle of the day than at night. In terms of how to prevent hijacking, the rules are simple to understand and easy to follow. Plus, they could potentially save your life. Find out more about this from our experts here at Highway Bakkie Hire below.

How Can I Prevent Hijacking?

Although there is no sure-fire way to prevent hijacking, there are several steps that you can take to dramatically lower your risk of this terrifying crime. Whether you are in your own vehicle or you have rented a car temporarily, keep reading to discover five steps that you can take to protect yourself and your family from car theft.

1. Identify When You Are Most At Risk

Hijackings usually take place in areas that have easy escape routes, such as on driveways, intersections, and at traffic signs. Therefore, you need to be more vigilant when you are in your vehicle in these places.

You should also practice more caution if you are picking up or dropping your kids off at school.

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2. Keep Your Doors Locked At All Times

Once you are safely seated in your car, make sure that you lock the doors, close the windows, and refrain from placing any valuable items, such as your purse or mobile phone, on display. Making it look difficult or appear unfruitful is one of the best ways to deter car theft criminals.

3. Do Not Get Out Of Your Car To Remove Obstacles

If you see any obstacles in the road that could be easily removed, do not get out of your car to do this yourself. Instead, simply turn around and find a different route to your intended destination. Although this may seem like a lot of effort, it can mean the difference between you becoming a victim of car theft and being able to safely continue your day.

Contact The Authorities If You See Someone Suspicious

As you would expect, when it comes to preventing hijacking, you can never be too careful or too vigilant. Therefore, if you see someone acting suspiciously, you should look to find a police officer or other official that can help ensure your safety as quickly as possible.

Park In Well-Lit Areas

If you have to park your car, either to let someone out or to take a break from driving a long distance, make sure that you always park in a well-lit area. Avoid parking your vehicle near walls, bushes, or bins and, when possible, use a parking valet service.

Enjoy A Safe Car Rental Experience With Highway Bakkie Hire

Use our reliable and safe vehicles that offer the latest in anti-theft devices. Car theft and car hijacking is continuously on the rise in South Africa, so don’t let your family become a statistic; instead, contact us here for further information.

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