5 Things You Should Never Go On A Road Trip Without

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5 Things You Should Never Go On A Road Trip Without

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Road trips are a rite of passage. They are an opportunity to take timeout and explore a country at a slower pace. You’ll see and meet characters that you have only seen in the movies, you’ll go to places that you didn’t know existed, and you will have periods of being very bored — all which help to make a road trip a unique and memorable experience.

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5 Vital Items You Need for Your Road Trip

There are, however, several do’s and don’ts of a road trip. Some you’ll learn along the way, but others you need to be forewarned about. If you are wondering what to pack for a road trip and prepare yourself for every eventuality, Highway Bakkie Hire is here with five things you should never go without.

1. Driving & insurance documents

Not that you are planning to have an accident or a brush with the law, but you should always keep your driving documentation with you on your road trip whether you are hiring a car or not. Should anything happen, you will not have the long-distance hassle of trying to access the information. Even if you take a photograph of your documents and store them on your phone, at least you can quickly access them should the need arise.

2. A plan

Other than a vehicle and fuel, the next essential thing that you should never lack on a road trip is a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be a rigid itinerary plotting your every move, but it should be robust enough to enable you to do what you want to do. If you don’t plan your trip, you risk missing out on amazing sites and activities that you’ll regret for eternity.

3. A map

It seems so obvious, but you need to know where you are going and where you are! Download maps ahead of your trip, especially if you are going on a road trip to an isolated or secluded area, you will not be able to rely on your GPS. Study your route at the beginning of each day so that you are familiar with towns and landmarks that you will be passing. However, never underestimate the power of a traditional paper map, for those moments when you want to be without your phone.

4. Car manual

Do you know what that red light means on the dashboard? Should you be worried, or can you carry on driving another couple of hundred of miles? How much air pressure needs to go into the tyres? Knowing how to maintain the vehicle is essential for any road trip experience, so ensure that you pack your car manual in case there is an emergency.

5. Music

No road trip is complete without music. Your playlist needs to be as diverse as the other passengers – something to appeal to everyone’s tastes. The soundtrack of your road trip should also include the music of the local radio stations. Listening to local radio really helps you to connect to an area and understand more about the communities you are passing through.

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Highway Bakkie Hire is Here to Help You Enjoy SA’s Wide Open Roads!

Road trips are a brilliant way to see the country at a relaxing pace. You get to experience cultures and communities rather than flying over them or staying on the train. However, you need to have a balanced expectation of your road trip and be prepared to compromise – things won’t always go as planned! No matter what your vehicle needs may be, chat to Highway Bakkie Hire, we’re here to help.