5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

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July 1, 2021
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5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

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When moving home, there are lots of things which you need to depend on. This includes professional transport services, your own organisational skills, and official agreements. This can be overwhelming, but at Highway Bakkie Hire, we’re here to help.

Top Tips to Make Moving House Easier

Wondering how your home move can be less stressful? Here are five ways you can get more organised. Our blog page is also full of other great tips and information.

1. Get Started as Soon as Possible

Last-minute panics are only going to make your move more stressful. Not only that, but if you’re depending on official services like utilities being activated at the right time or moving van and car rental, you don’t want to be faced with the possibility that anything is delayed or unavailable. Whether it’s booking services or even beginning to pack up boxes, the earlier you start, the better.

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2. Pack a Box of Essentials

Being faced with a home move means your entire life is going to be packed into boxes, and it takes a lot of time to unpack and get organised. During the move, there are going to be essential items that you might need. This could be technology, chargers, or toiletries. Not only that but food and drink is essential to keep your move energised. Packing a box of essentials you can take, which is separate from the rest, means you have instant access to what you need when you need it.

3. Rent a Bakkie

During a home move, dependable transport is always essential. You need to feel confident and comfortable that you can get from A to B, and that’s where professional car hire comes in. Not only is renting a Bakkie a great choice for driving to your new home, but it’s also a helpful service to fill up your car with extra boxes, goods, or whatever you need to take with you for your new home.

4. Labelling and Inventories Will Make All the Difference

Don’t forget to label your boxes! When you’re faced with a house full of boxes to unpack, failing to label them can make the process longer and harder. Labelling helps you to know which boxes belong in which room and which boxes should be unpacked first.

Taking an inventory will also help you to know what you have and whether anything is missing.

5. Take Time Off for the Move

Moving home is a tiring and stressful experience. Trying to move home around a busy work schedule will make the task more difficult. Booking time off work will give you the breathing space you need to get your home move sorted.

Make Your Home Move Easier with Highway Bakkie Hire

Moving home will always be a demanding experience, but with these five tips, you can make it easier. At Bakkie, we’re always here to help with your home move, so contact us for car hire requirements anytime.

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