6 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Vehicle

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6 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Vehicle

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Hiring a vehicle is an easy, trouble-free process, especially with Highway Bakkie Hire. Having said that, there are a number of important things that you should know and keep in mind before making your booking.

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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Car

Having access to a car opens up a great deal of new experiences. We at Highway Bakkie Hire have your best interests and experiences at heart, which is why in this blog we cover the six top things you should know before you hire a vehicle.

1. Know When to Book

The answer is: as soon as possible, because, contrary to perceptions, there are times when cars are simply unavailable, owing to seasonal highs, large conferences, sporting events etc. Booking a rental car is a simple process and guarantees that a car will be ready and waiting for you.

2. Know Where You are Going

Before renting a car, it would be a good idea to have a travel plan with specific locations to visit in order to budget your time effectively. KwaZulu-Natal is a large province and the trip from Durban to Kokstad, or from Port Edward to Richard’s Bay, is not as quick as you might think. Our staff can help you plan and schedule your trips so that you are fully aware of what you’re in for during each day’s travel. We can also help you find the local sights and most desirable stopping points on the trip from A to B.

3. Know What You are Covered For

You should always make your cover as comprehensive as you can. One must realise that a very high percentage of motorists in SA do not have any insurance cover because it isn’t compulsory and, when renting a car, it is important to understand that you remain liable for the damages to the car irrespective of where the fault lies. The higher the insurance cover the better. This is expensive and is always a grudge purchase but far better to have. You’ll be grateful for it should anything go wrong. Before you hire, check with your credit card company or travel agent, because they could offer discounts or include this in their fares.

4. Know What Paperwork You Need

It is obvious you will need your driver’s licence, so this is a reminder not to leave it at home. You will also need to present a valid credit card in your name. This is a universal requirement, you must present a valid credit card as a guarantee, in order to cover for incidental charges such as parking tickets, traffic violations, missing fuel etc.

5. Know What Type of Vehicle You Need

Decide what type of car you want to rent. Hatchback or sedan? 4×4 or rear-wheel drive? Manual or Automatic? How many people are travelling in the car? These are all vital bits of information you will need to know beforehand, and which you will need to tell us so that we can fully cater to your needs.

6. Know What Back-up Service is Available

If you are travelling long distances it is important that have the peace of mind that help, or a replacement vehicle, is never too far away should a breakdown or accident take place.

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Cover All Your Bases when You Hire from Highway Bakkie Hire

Now you know what you should know before. Booking your rental car with us is a pleasure and we will ensure that all your vehicle hire boxes are ticked and that your trip is memorable. Remember to always use your seatbelt and never drink and drive. Safe journeys.