7 Tips on Driving Safely in Dangerous Conditions

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7 Tips on Driving Safely in Dangerous Conditions

Highway Bakkie Hire discuss 7 tips on driving safely in dangerous conditions

There are many things you can prepare for when it comes to driving, but what you can’t prepare for is a turn in weather and natural disasters. In the wake of the devasting floods that swept through KwaZulu-Natal in April 2022, this only highlights the importance of maintaining safety in dangerous conditions on the road and knowing what to do should the worst occur. Preparing ahead of time for driving in dangerous conditions, especially in an area prone to natural disasters or extreme weather, will help to ensure your safety.

At Highway bakkie Hire, a safe customer experience and safe driving is always our top priority.

7 Top Tips for Driving in Dangerous Conditions

Here are some great tips to remember when preparing for any journey which may see you up against dangerous weather conditions.

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1. Check the Weather Ahead of Time

Before you set off on any journey, you should always check ahead of time what the weather is going to be like, especially for any severe weather warnings. This will help you to be better prepared and plan the safest route.

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2. Prepare Your Car

It is always a good idea to do a proper maintenance check before any dangerous weather hits. Ensure that your car is topped up with gas and is at top level with water and windscreen wash. This means you’ll be able to drive safely without worrying about running out of gas or not being able to clean a window that may have become compromised by dirt.

3. Store Emergency Numbers

Plan ahead of time regarding who you need to call should you become stuck in emergency conditions. Have the numbers within easy reach and stored readily on your phone so you can get help as soon as possible if needed.

4. Stick to a Safe Speed

It’s important to understand safe speed during severe weather. Normal speed limits will not apply if you’re up against heavy rain or slippery roads, so make sure to reduce your speed when needed and be aware of longer stopping distances on slicker roads.

5. Change Your Plans

If you’re up against a severe weather warning, it’s okay to decide to delay a drive or not drive at all. It’s not worth the risk if you don’t really need to be out on the roads during dangerous conditions.

6. Stay Calm

If dangerous conditions hit, this can be extremely disruptive. There may be a traffic build-up, busier roads, or a later ETA. It’s important to stay calm and not become angry over excess traffic or rushing to get to a destination. Safety is always paramount.

7. Eliminate Distractions

This is always essential no matter the weather, but it’s extremely important to be even more mindful of what’s on the road, how sturdily you’re holding the wheel, and not being distracted by technology or the radio when up against more dangerous conditions like high winds.

Choose a Dependable Vehicle with Highway Bakkie Hire

A dependable car that’s easy to drive and won’t break down is essential when up against dangerous weather conditions. At Highway Bakkie Hire, we’re always here to provide safe and dependable vehicles.

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