7 Tips on How to Be a Safer Driver

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7 Tips on How to Be a Safer Driver

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Interested to know how to be a safer driver in only seven simple steps? Here at Highway Bakkie Hire, we have written the perfect blog for you.
From keeping up on car maintenance to being considerate of others to eliminating potentially dangerous distractions, keep reading to discover our top driving tips that will result in you becoming a safer and better driver.

How to Become a Safer Driver

Even if you consider yourself to be a fairly safe driver, situations on the road may arise that require you to go above and beyond as a car owner. Therefore, it is always best to be actively trying to prevent accidents rather than simply hoping to avoid them. This is especially the case if you are renting a car, driving in another country, or travelling a long distance.

Tip #1: Focus On Driving

This may be seen as obvious, but when you are in a vehicle, 100% of your focus should be on the task at hand. Eliminate all distractions and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the road to ensure that you have complete control of the vehicle.

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Tip #2: Leave Early

Accidents are much more likely to occur when a driver is in a rush, so make sure that you leave plenty of time for your journey to minimise your risk of a crash or collision. If you do find yourself in a situation where you leave late, make sure to still take your time. It is better to arrive late than not at all.

Tip #3: Stick To The Speed Limit

Speed limits are there for a reason; to protect both yourself and others on the road. Be sure to stick to the allocated speed limits at all times, even if this means letting other vehicles pass you.

Tip #4: Be Extra Vigilant In Bad Weather

If it is raining, hailing, or snowing, you need to be even more careful on the roads in order to prevent an accident or collision. Where possible, avoid driving altogether when the roads are bad and, if you have to drive, make sure that you go easy on the brakes to maintain better control of your vehicle.

Tip #5: Stay Alert

You should not drive if you are feeling sleepy or overly tired, as this can increase your risk of an accident on the roads. Instead, stay home until you are rested or, if on a long journey, check in somewhere for a break.

Tip #6: Maintain Your Vehicle

Keeping up with car maintenance is crucial if you want to learn how to be a safer driver as you cannot hope to drive safely in a car that is technically unfit for purpose. If you are renting a car, make sure that you pick a reputable company that provides regularly maintained vehicles only.

Tip #7: Check Your Vision

As a driver, you should have regular vision checks to ensure that your eyesight is not defective. To get your license, you must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away.

Enjoy A Safer Car Rental Experience With Highway Bakkie Hire

Contact us here for more information on our rental options and for more top driving tips. Here at Highway Bakkie Hire, we are dedicated to helping you learn how to be a safer driver, and that starts with offering high-quality, safe vehicles for rent.

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