7 Travel Resolutions for 2021

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7 Travel Resolutions for 2021

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As we begin the New Year, you are probably making plans for the holidays and long weekends coming your way in the ensuing months. Highway Bakkie Hire offers seven suggestions to help you make the most of travelling in 2021.

7 Ways to Improve Your Travel Experience In 2021

We have just come out of a year in which travel was heavily restricted. While things are by no means completely back to normal, it is possible to cross borders and make the most of domestic and international travel again. Here are seven ways to refresh your travel experience in the coming year. Take a look at our blog for more travel tips.

1. Be More Spontaneous

Even if you are only travelling locally, you can create a more exciting and enriching travel experience by forgetting about drawing up and itinerary and rather just going where the road takes you.

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2. Get Travel Insurance

Even though you may be aiming for a wilder, more spontaneous experience, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cover yourself. Get travel insurance that will provide for all risks, including flight cancellations, damage or loss of baggage and personal items, emergency medical needs, and even accidental death.

3. Spend Time with The Locals

Instead of booking accommodation in high-end hotels or B&Bs or following the well-trodden tourist track, make arrangements to live among the locals (perhaps with AirBnB, for example) and spend time where the locals go. This way, you can get an experience of your destination that is not normally available to most tourists.

4. Choose Road Trips Over Flying

When you fly, you only get to experience your chosen destination – and only via the busy passages between airport, hotel and tourist spots. Driving enables you to take in the scenery on the way and see a few undiscovered gems on your path.

5. Be A Responsible Traveller

Even as you go off the beaten track and try to be a less inhibited tourist, you should still be responsible. We live in the world of COVID-19, so be sure to use all the prescribed precautions. Also, learn the local laws and norms and stick to them. Show appropriate respect to the people and places who host you.

6. Prioritise Experience Over Showing Off

Why not forget about the selfies for a while? There was a time when travellers would simply enjoy themselves in their new environments and think about photographs later. These days, the first thing anyone wants to do is whip out their phone so they can prove to all their Twitter followers that they are visiting a particular landmark. Leave the cellphone behind for once, and just enjoy being present in the experience.

7. Don’t Try to Do Too Much

So many people treat a trip like a to-do list that they just need to get through in a limited period of time. That doesn’t make for a pleasant holiday. Rather do less: choose one or two destinations or activities and just relax and enjoy them.

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