7 Ways to Avoid Getting Into a Car Accident

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August 7, 2020
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7 Ways to Avoid Getting Into a Car Accident

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Highway Bakkie Hire prioritises the safety of our customers above all else. While we can do our best providing your with quality, well-maintained vehicles, the task of staying safe on the road is largely the responsibility of the driver.

Stay Safe on the Roads With These Tips

We use many of our blog posts to discuss the rules of the road and actions drivers can take to travel safely. Accident statistics are unacceptably high in South Africa, and so many of the collisions that occur can easily be avoided. Here are seven tips to help you avoid car accidents.

1. Watch Your Speed

Speed is both dangerous and unnecessary. It seldom helps you get anywhere much faster and only reduces the amount of control you have over your vehicle. Be patient, don’t try to show off, and follow the speed limits. You will thank yourself later.

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2. Eliminate Distractions

One of the biggest causes of road accidents is distracted drivers. The rising tendency to text while driving is one of the worst culprits. Drivers should take their task seriously: to transport themselves and their passengers safely. That requires that you concentrate on the road and any potential traffic incidents. Don’t allow your passengers, cellphone, radio, or anything else to distract you.

3. Be Extra Cautious at Intersections

Most accidents take place at intersections. Always treat them with caution. The traffic light may be green for you, but that doesn’t automatically mean that drivers coming the other way will stop. They could be distracted or misjudge their braking abilities. Always look both ways and make sure the coast is absolutely clear before crossing. Always choose to not trust the other drivers on the road!

4. Change Lanes Carefully

Changing lanes can be a risky exercise, especially at high speed. Use your rear-view and side view mirrors and check your blind spots. Do not move into the next lane unless there is plenty of space for you to do so.

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5. Keep a Safe Following Distance

You never know when the person in front of you may suddenly stop, so just be sure to keep a reasonable following distance to give you plenty of room to slow down in the event of an emergency stop. Use the two-second rule: when the car in front of you passes a certain point, you should be able to count at least two seconds before you pass the same landmark.

6. Don’t Allow Aggressive Drivers to Provoke You

Sometimes you will have to deal with an aggressive driver. The best thing to do is to just let them go on their way. If someone is tailgating you to get you to speed up, don’t panic. Maintain your reasonable speed and move over when you can. It isn’t worth the provocation. Maintain your calm whenever anyone tries to challenge you on the road, and just drive away from the situation as safely as you can. Call the authorities if necessary.

7. Don’t Drink and Drive

This should go without saying, but it still happens so often that it bears repeating. If you drink, plan not to drive, and vice versa. Even a small amount of alcohol could impair your driving abilities enough to cause an accident.

Remember that, under the terms and conditions of a rental contract, your rented vehicle will be covered in the event of an accident, provided you are following all these tips and driving in a safe and reasonable manner. Failure to do so could be considered negligence, which will make your cover null and void and result in you being liable for damages.

Rent a Car from a Trusted Care Hire Company

Although your safety on the roads is primarily up to you, Highway Bakkie Hire is committed to doing our part to see that you get safely from A to B, through providing quality, well-maintained vehicles.

Contact us for more information on our rental options.

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