Car Hire: Expectation vs Reality

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Car Hire: Expectation vs Reality

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What do you expect from your car rental company? How often do you get what you expect? Customers have both negative and positive expectations when hiring a car, and very often none of these are entirely in line with reality. Car rentals should strive to exceed your good expectations and dispel your negative ones. This is certainly what we believe over at Highway Bakkie Hire! Here are a few of the most common expectations, contrasted with the reality of the situation, to help you understand your car rental services and options better.

Expect the Unexpected!

Car rentals are usually avoided and rather used in situations where you have no other choice. You are here to dismantle this approach. You can read more about car rental, tips and tricks for travel, and more over on our blog.

Expectation: Car Rental is Expensive

Many people expect car rental to be relatively costly compared to other options, such as taxis, buses or trains. The belief among holidaymakers and business travellers is that calling Ubers or stepping onto a bus whenever you need to get around is a cheaper option than hiring a car for the duration of your trip.

Reality: Car Rental Actually Saves You Money

Renting a car triggers a variety of cost savings on your trip. For starters, you have more choice as to what accommodation you book. Let’s say you’re attending a conference. You might normally book a hotel near to the conference venue or at the venue itself, which is usually more expensive. If you rent a car, you can choose to stay further away and the savings you make on the accommodation can compensate for the car rental price. Plus you have greater freedom of movement.

Also, the car rental industry is quite competitive, and discount packages are always on offer. You just need to keep a good lookout for them and book early.

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Expectation: Car Rental is Complicated

There is often an expectation that renting a car comes with an unbearable amount of paperwork and regulations that will keep you waiting at the rental counter for longer than is necessary and require everything from ID copies to credit card numbers and shoe sizes.

Reality: Car Rental is Getting Simpler

Car rental companies do what they can to alleviate any of the administrative burdens that goes with the hiring process. Nowadays there are solutions such as easy cash payments and quicker, electronic contracts to help things move faster – and much of this can be done online beforehand. We know you just want to get your keys and get on with your day – and that’s what we aim to achieve.

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