Five Things NOT to do in a Rental Bakkie

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Five Things NOT to do in a Rental Bakkie

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So, you’ve read our article on seven things to do with a rental bakkie, and hiring a vehicle now and then is sounding more and more like a good idea. In the spirit of rental bakkie etiquette, here are five things NOT to do in a rental bakkie…

Leaving the Bakkie Unlocked

One mistake many rental bakkie regulars make is taking less care with their rental bakkie than they would with their own vehicle, especially when travelling through high-risk areas. As a rule of thumb, keep your rental bakkie’s doors locked both when you’re physically in the vehicle and when you’re not.

Allowing Others to Drive

If you pencil yourself down as the designated rental bakkie driver, and someone else takes over the driving duties without your rental vehicle provider knowing about it, you could be in for a bad time should something happen while you’re not behind the wheel. When signing the rental agreement, consider all those who might have to drive the rental bakkie while it is in your possession.

Fixing Any Faults Yourself

Most rental bakkies will be mechanically sound and shouldn’t give you any grief, but in the event that yours does – refrain from springing into MacGyver mode and attempting to fix the fault yourself. Keep your rental agent’s number close at hand, and call them immediately when vehicular trouble strikes.

Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

If you have family members that like putting their feet up on the dashboard, consider relegating them to the back of the bakkie for the duration of your trips. Soles of shoes can easily damage or scuff rental bakkie dashboards, which could lead to you incurring an unexpected expense when handing back your rental bakkie.

Loading Too Much Stuff

If you’re planning on using your rental bakkie for hauling garden refuse, household goods, or anything else – be sure to ask your rental agent for the loading capacity of your rental bakkie. Loading a rental bakkie with a weight greater than its recommended amount could lead to issues that will be picked up during the post-rental inspection.