How to Drive Eco-Friendly: Tips to Conserve Energy and the Environment

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April 18, 2018
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How to Drive Eco-Friendly: Tips to Conserve Energy and the Environment

How to Drive Eco-Friendly

The modern driver has more than ever to consider when planning their trips, and a whole lot more to be aware of when they are out on the road. Highway Bakkie Hire want to help our readers take a step forward with their eco-friendly driving habits, and as such we have gathered a bunch of easy-to-implement tips that can help you get the most out of your personal car and rental car.

Tips for Before You Hit the Road

There are a couple things that every road user can do before they head out for the day to improve their rental car or personal car performance. First things first, check that your tyres are properly inflated, as floppy tyres can negatively affect the performance of the vehicle and be unsafe to you as the driver. Regular maintenance on the car ensures that no internal components fall into disrepair, therefore a fine-tuned vehicle is more eco-friendly.

Try to plan your trips before you leave the house such that your errands are all along one logical route, and you don’t need to backtrack multiple times and use more fuel.
Another one of our eco-friendly driving habits depends on whether you have more than one car available to you. If so, try to use the most fuel-efficient car wherever possible – you don’t need to take the big SUV for your late-night takeaway run.

Tips for Behind the Wheel

Once you are behind the wheel, eco-friendly driving takes shape once you alter your driving habits with these tips. Try not to drive at high speeds, as this consumes more fuel, and is of course less eco-friendly. In conjunction, drive in the highest gear whenever you can as this reduces revving and fuel consumption.

This one is harder to avoid but try to avoid idling wherever possible. Idling gets you zero kilometres to the litre! We have a tip that can help you reduce your idling time below!

Some General Eco-Friendly Driving Advice

As promised, we recommend you alter your driving habits to avoid rush hour as best you can. Why? Because less time spent in traffic means less time idling. This not only reduces your fuel expense, but your stress level as well!

If you have friends and colleagues that live in your area and travel to roughly the same point as you every day – or even every other day – why not arrange a carpool solution to save all of you fuel and contribute to eco-friendly driving? Take turns to distribute the expense and everyone will be smiling.

When you find yourself in need of a rental car, you can contact a car hire (and bakkie hire) company such as Highway Bakkie Hire and chat to us about our most efficient vehicles that suit your needs.

Overall, a small eco-friendly tip is to travel as light as possible. Whilst ride sharing increases the number of people in the car, the weight we are referring to is heavy baggage that weighs the car down excessively. The lighter you travel, the further your tank will get you.

Simple driving habits can be changed to achieve a more eco-friendly way of life, Reduce your speed, reduce your load, and you will find your driving reducing your expenses and your carbon footprint. Highway Bakkie Hire can meet all your car hire and eco-friendly needs!