How to Show Your Car Some Love this Valentine’s Day

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January 1, 2023
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How to Show Your Car Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t all about cute couples. While February 14th is a good day to shower a partner with love, you can use the day as an excuse to show love to other areas of your life! That includes your car. Luckily, the team here at Highway Bakkie Hire know exactly how you can do that.

When Was the Last Time You Showed Your Car Some Love?

Has it been too long since you last cleaned or maintained your car? If so, valentine’s day creates the perfect opportunity for changing that. With a good paint job or even a deep clean, you can drive with confidence once more. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog, where we have tons more car care tips and tricks!

Get it Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning your car is somewhat therapeutic. However, getting it professionally cleaned means the result will be perfect. Consider getting a full detailing where every part of the car gets a deep clean, including the interior and seats, for a car that feels as brand new as the day you bought it!

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Invest in New Tires

Checking your tires should be a routine part of your car maintenance. However, this valentine’s day, consider replacing them for an even smoother ride – especially if they are five years or older. Also, check the tire pressure, as the correct pressure will improve handling and grip.

Clear the Clutter

Your car is almost like your second home, so treat it as such! Decluttering is a crucial part of car care, so if you haven’t cleared out the old water bottles or spare snacks in a while, now is the time to do so. At the end, consider investing in some new car essentials to make it feel more comfortable, like a new air freshener or car snack box.

Get a New Paint Job

Maintaining a car’s appearance means repainting the exterior from time to time. If your vehicle has any chipped-off paint, a new paint job will really make a difference to the way it looks. This is particularly important if you plan on picking up a date this valentine’s day; you want your car to impress!

Rent Your Ideal Vehicle

Do you drive your old reliable car every day? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a change? This valentine’s day, you can show your car some love by giving it a rest and hiring a car. It’s a convenient option if you plan on travelling somewhere new and you don’t want to take your car all that way. At Highway Bakkie Hire, we have many awesome vehicles to let you drive in style, such as the Volkswagen Polo or the Toyota Starlet.

Drive with Pride with Highway Bakkie Hire

We have excellent car rental deals for any driver. Whether you need a car for a family holiday or a casual drive, we have what you need. Not sure which car rental is best for you, or have any other questions? Contact our team, who will be more than happy to help.

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