Is It Better to Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

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Is It Better to Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

When it comes to planning your dream vacation, costs are a major factor in assessing the most ideal destination, activities and of course, how to get there. First and foremost, you’ve probably already concluded that going on a road trip is the the most economical means of long-distance travel, but before you get too married to the idea of taking your own car, you should probably consider the benefits of hiring a rental car instead.

How To Reduce Your Travel Costs By Renting a Vehicle

When you factor in both your short-term and long-term expenses, it becomes apparent that you can save a lot of money on your road trips in the long run by opting to rent a car for long-distance travel plans, as opposed to driving your own vehicle.

1. Leave Your Car at Home & Keep Your Mileage Low

Particularly for trips of longer than just a few days, road trips can have a tremendous impact on your car’s wear and tear, running your mileage up unnecessarily, all the while reducing your vehicle’s resale value. Rather add those miles to the rental vehicle which is regularly maintained, deprecating the value of the rental and not your own assets. Furthermore, rental cars tend to be new, good runners with better gas mileage that will save you in the short term as well as the long run.

2. Enjoy More Space & Features from a Rental Car

Not only can you expect lower running costs from a rental vehicles, you can generally score some added creature comforts and more interior space than you’re accustomed to driving in your own car.

3. Shop Around for Rental Car Deals to Maximise Your Savings

As there are so many variables when it comes to assessing your holiday travel transport expenses, it’s in your best interest to shop around and find a car rental provider offering a deal that is most suitable for your needs.

You Can’t Lose with Highway Bakkie Hire’s Unbeatable Car Rental Deals

When you weigh up the pros and cons, it’s clear to see that renting a car for your next trip is the cost-effective option. For incredible car rental deals guaranteed to improve your holiday, get in touch with us today!