New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2019

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New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2019

A recurring New Year resolution is often to travel more, but instead of the usual vague goal for this year, Highway Bakkie Hire offers you the following travel resolutions. One of our favourites is to become a better traveler. This is the year to travel more sustainably. Here are our top travel resolutions for travel in 2019.

Travel Off Season

Instead of travelling to places in peak periods, travel off-season. Certain places are much more appealing in the considerably quieter, low season months. Visit off-season and the locals will love you, the pace will be more relaxed, the people friendlier and you will gain more of an insight into the lives of locals – not other tourists.

Slow Down & Engage More

To travel more slowly is to travel sustainably. It is better for the environment, and by settling in to live like locals in apartment rentals, holiday houses and villa rentals, you are giving back more to the communities you are spending time in. You will also be travelling more meaningfully, as you soak up more of the culture and make more time for interactions with local people. Get out of the tourist zone to explore local neighbourhoods, local parks and gardens or hang out in a local café or bar. You will have a much greater chance of meeting and engaging with locals.

Get Off the Beaten Track

There’s much to be gained simply by getting off the beaten track a little. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes you only have to stroll a few blocks from that main attraction or slip off the main square and into the backstreets and alleyways, and you are in an altogether different world, inhabited by locals who don’t work in hospitality and tourism. Sometimes, the small experiences that are possible and the peek into local life will stay imprinted in your memory longer than the panoramic views.

Eat Local, Drink Local

Local food is not always going to be the best food, but the best food will always be where locals eat. What the local watering holes and eating spots will give you is that ability to get a glimpse into local lives and engage with local people in a way that is difficult to do in the tourist zones. This is why you should learn some local lingo before you go. Locals love it when foreigners make an effort and it makes a tremendous difference to how you’re treated.

Go Green & Leave Only Footprints

Say no to plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and other non-recyclable, environment-polluting things. Travel with bags you can take shopping and refillable water bottles. When you visit attractions such as beaches, national parks and archaeological sites, take your garbage away with you. Choose hotels, tour companies, restaurants and retail businesses that have environmental policies and are making real efforts to be greener. Actively seek out businesses that are doing good, such as organic eateries, farmers’ markets and zero-waste restaurants.

Whatever your travel goals this year, Highway Bakkie Hire hopes that you can make them all come true. You can contact us for your car rental needs and wherever you travel, we hope you stay safe and make memories.