Our Ultimate Car Cleaning Hacks

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Our Ultimate Car Cleaning Hacks

Our ultimate car-cleaning hacks

Whether it is your own car or one you are renting, keeping it cleaning is easier with these tips from the team at Highway Bakkie Hire. If you commute, run a lot of errands, or have kids, chances are it feels impossible to keep it clean. But whether you are maintaining a clean car, or deep-cleaning a dirty car, our ultimate car-cleaning hacks will simplify the process for you.

Keep Something for Rubbish

With somewhere to put empty wrappers and other debris, there should be no excuses for dirtiness. This is sure to keep your car much cleaner and hygienic. One permanent option is to keep a container or paper bag as an in-car trash can: especially useful for long drives with the family.

Deal with Dust

A can of compressed air makes short work of dusty air vents and other small crevices. If dust and dirt is stubbornly stuck to your vents or other hard-to-clean areas, dampen a small sponge brush with your cleaner of choice. If you don’t have a sponge brush on hand, you can always use an old toothbrush.

Line Cup Holders

A wonderful way of preventing dirt build-up in the first place is to pop a silicone cup sleeve inside your beverage holders.
Let’s face it; no one enjoys cleaning up the gunk that invariably winds up in the bottom of them. Avoid it entirely by placing silicone muffin cups at the bottom of each cup holder. Should they get sticky or dirty, just throw them in the sink or dishwasher and put clean ones in the car.

Get Rid of Bug Splatters

Instead of scrubbing and potentially damaging your car’s paint job, go grab your can of cooking spray. Spray a bit onto the stubborn bug, wait a few seconds, then use a microfibre cloth to wipe the area clean.

Keep Wet Wipes on Hand

For the messes that miss the cup holders, keep a small pack of baby wipes or similar in your glove box. This is handy not only for in the car but for all travel. You will have a lot more peace of mind knowing that you are ready for any messy emergency.

Keep it Fresh

No need to keep refilling an air freshener for your car, you can make your own with a clothes peg, a few drops of essential oil and attach it the air conditioning vent in your car.

Wash It

If you need to give your car a proper rinse, before you begin, remember the following:

  • Park your vehicle in the shade.
  • Keep your cleaning supplies close at hand.
  • Make sure that your windscreen wipers are up and facing away from the windshield so that you can clean the entire windshield effectively.

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