Pros & Cons of Diesel Vs. Petrol Rental Cars

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Pros & Cons of Diesel Vs. Petrol Rental Cars

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With the wide variety of car sizes, transmissions and fuel types to choose from these days, deciding which vehicle is the best for your trip can be daunting. Highway Bakkie Hire is here to help make that decision easier for you. Size and transmission can be fairly easy decisions to make based on the number of travellers and the driver’s ability, or preference between automatic or manual transmission. Fuel type though, is something that many people don’t consider, so we have compiled the pros and cons of diesel versus petrol rental cars.

Points to Note on Petrol Cars

  • Petrol cars have greater acceleration and can be quieter and smoother to drive.
  • Petrol is available at all service stations.
  • Petrol is cheaper than diesel.

Points to Note on Diesel Cars

  • Cars running on diesel have more low-end torque, meaning more engine power at lower speeds.
  • Diesel-run cars are perfect for travelling in areas with steep terrain, slippery surfaces, or if you are transporting something heavy.
  • Some service stations do not stock diesel.
  • Diesel engines travel further per tank, some achieving up to 30% more driving distances than petrol cars.

Is Fuel Economy Your Main Concern?

Diesel engines offer a lower cost per kilometer than petrol engines. Of course, savings will depend upon the comparative cost of diesel and petrol at the time of the rental. For long trips, diesel yields a slight economic advantage. For short hops, the difference is not so significant.

Is Environmental Impact Your Main Concern?

With recent technology, diesel engines have been deemed to be no more environmentally detrimental than petrol engines. While burning diesel does emit some additional carcinogenic gases and CO2, keep in mind that the diesel engine is burning less fuel than petrol engines. So, in terms of environmental impact, many consider the difference to be minimal.

What is most vital in whichever type vehicle you decide to hire, is that you make sure you refuel it with the right fuel. There are usually markings on or near the fuel cap that advise the right type to use.

Consult the rental agreement, since there should be some identification noted. If you are still in doubt, ask a service station attendant or mechanic to identify the engine type. Putting the wrong fuel in the tank can be a very expensive mistake and can cause serious damage.

Contact us for all your rental requirements and advice on making your road trip one to remember. You know what they say, life is about the journey, and we want to make sure you have just the right car for the ones you take.