Safety & Hygiene Tips to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Vehicle

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Safety & Hygiene Tips to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Vehicle

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At a time like this, we know you could really use some rental car hygiene tips. With the Coronavirus now affecting every aspect of our lives, it is necessary to take extra precautions to keep ourselves and our surroundings hygienic. This is certainly the case when renting a vehicle, as the confined space of a car can provide an environment for viruses to pass from one person to another. With a lot of care and a few simple hygiene measures, you can ensure that the car you have rented is safe for your use.

3 Hygiene Tips to Keep in Mind

Your rental agency will also be taking extraordinary measures to sanitise your car before handing it over to you, but you can maintain hygiene with the following tips. The COVID-19 virus is easy to dispose of when it is on external surfaces, provided you have the right materials and take the right actions.

Equip Yourself First

Before getting into the car, make sure you have gloves and a good multi-surface cleaner. It doesn’t need to be any particular cleaner; most household cleaners on the market will do the trick. Also, bring a pack of disinfectant wipes.

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Clean all the Common Touchpoints

There are parts of the car that you will come into contact with more than others. These include the door handles, the key fob or steering wheel and the dashboard, as well as the various knobs and buttons on the instrument panel, the seatbelts, and the release levers for the bonnet and petrol cap. Make a point of cleaning these every time you get into the car.

Limit Your Passenger Number

Social distancing remains an important measure, even when the pandemic starts to calm down. As a rule of thumb, it is best to carry only half the number of occupants than the car is actually made for. So a sedan that can carry four or five people should have only two and they should be kept as far apart as possible. So your one passenger should sit in the backseat. If you are renting a larger vehicle, observe the half capacity rule and make sure everyone sits at least one seat apart from one another.

Let’s all Stay Safe & Healthy

By being extra careful and conscious and observing these tips, we can stem the spread of the virus, ensure safe road trips and also generally enhance the cleanliness of our car interiors. Highway Bakkie Hire is taking extra special care to enforce our own rental car tips and techniques before giving the keys to our clients. Contact us for a safe and affordable car rental experience.

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