Tips on Transporting Goods in a Bakkie

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Tips on Transporting Goods in a Bakkie

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Bakkies are made for transporting goods. However, if not done properly, it can be dangerous to move items in this way. Highway Bakkie Hire runs through the most important safety considerations to keep in mind when loading things onto your owned or rented bakkie.

Important Bakkie Transportation Tips

A large part of driving and transporting goods is taken up with safety considerations, which we address frequently in our blog. Before getting on the road – in fact before you even load anything onto the back of your bakkie – read the following safety tips.

1. Keep Plenty of Ropes and Straps Handy

The most important thing about moving items in your bakkie is to make sure that your cargo is thoroughly secured and immobilised. Things move around all too easily on the road and, if not secured properly, could fall off the bakkie and cause an accident. Tie or strap everything down very carefully.

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2. Be Aware of the Load Limits on Your Bakkie

A bakkie is just a Class 1 vehicle. It is not built to carry massive loads. Find out the gross vehicle weight rating of your bakkie and do not exceed it. Check in the owner’s manual or on the inside of your driver’s door – or, if you’re renting the bakkie, ask the rental company.

3. Load Heavier Items Towards The Front

To ensure that the load is better balanced, always make sure that heavier items are packed towards the cab.

4. Flag Long Loads

If your load extends beyond the length of your bakkie, flag it with something bright so that other road users can see it and avoid it.

Now That You Know How Best to Load A Bakkie, Rent The Best Vehicle For The Job From Highway Bakkie Hire

Highway Bakkie Hire can provide you with the bakkie you need to get the job done. Contact us for more information on our rental options.

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