Our Vehicle Rental Process

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Our Vehicle Rental Process

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So, you’re coming to Durban and you need a vehicle rental to get you from your accommodation to the sights you’ll be seeing. Or perhaps you’ll be visiting sunny KwaZulu-Natal on business and need a small run-around rental car to get you to your meetings. Before getting yourself into a rental car quotation overload, have a look at the Highway Bakkie Hire vehicle rental process below. Our rental car process is simple, and will have you behind the wheel before you can say, “look at the dolphins, Timmy”…

Step 1: Recognise a Rental Vehicle Need

The first step in the vehicle rental process is to assess if you genuinely require a rental car or hire bakkie. This article on five reasons to rent a car in Durban shares some useful information on situations where it would be better to rent a vehicle than to drive your own.

Step 2: Contact Highway Bakkie Hire

Step two is when the ball gets rolling, and you get in touch with Highway Bakkie Hire at one of our three branches in Durban. This is when the administration side of things takes place. You will be asked to provide copies of your ID (so we know you’re a real person), driver’s licence (so we know you’re allowed to drive in South Africa), proof of residence and a deposit payable in cash or card. Once the deposit is paid and the paperwork is done, your rental vehicle is booked and will be waiting for you!

Step 3: Take Your Rental Car or Bakkie

Once the formalities are out of the way, you are able to collect your rental vehicle from your nearest Highway Bakkie Hire branch. If you’re not used to driving in South Africa, this article on defensive driving provides responsible driving tips for anyone taking to the highways and byways of South Africa. One thing we pay a hefty price for here in KwaZulu-Natal is fuel, so take a look at this article on fuel-saving driving tips if you want your tank to take you further!

Step 4: Drop Your Rental Vehicle Off

This is the most important step in the vehicle rental process! While our rental cars and hire bakkies are so comfortable you might think you’re in your own car and drive home, returning your rental vehicle on the stipulated return date and by the stipulated return time is essential. Your friendly Highway Bakkie Hire rental agent will let you know when the car or bakkie needs to be returned, but don’t worry about cleaning it before giving it back – we’ll take care of that!