What to Do if You Get Caught Speeding in a Rental Vehicle

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What to Do if You Get Caught Speeding in a Rental Vehicle

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Oops! You’re in your rental car and you just got caught travelling over the speed limit. What do you do? It may be annoying but many of us get caught exceeding the limit from time to time, and there isn’t much we can do but pay the price! Here’s what to do if you get caught speeding in your rental car.

It Depends if it’s a Camera or On-the-spot Fine

If you get pulled over by traffic police and given a fine on the spot, then you would handle in much the same as you would if you were driving your own car. In this case, the fine will be issued to you as the driver, not to the owner of the car. So you would either pay as instructed or contest the fine if that’s what you choose to do. This would not involve the car rental agency at all.

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In the case of a violation caught on a traffic camera, the fine will be sent to the car rental agency and they would be held liable as the owners of the car. In this case, the car rental agency will charge your credit card for the amount of the fine, together with an admin fee. It’s best that you tell the rental agency about the fine when you return the car, so they know to expect it.

Stick with Highway Bakkie Hire & Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Highway Bakkie Hire encourages all our clients and prospective clients to be extra cautious when driving our rental cars. Aside from incurring unnecessary additional costs, speeding is also dangerous and can cause both property damage and serious injury, if not death. Contact us for a safe and affordable car rental experience.

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