Your Checklist for Fuss-Free Car Hire

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Your Checklist for Fuss-Free Car Hire

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Highway Bakkie Hire is all about easy car rental. In the past, the car hire process acquired a reputation for being complicated, lengthy and expensive. While this may have been true at some point – and perhaps still is, depending on where you go – nowadays, car hire companies respond to the demand for convenience and speed. People have things to do and places to go, so the process needs to be quick and seamless.

What You Need to Hire a Car

While car rentals have streamlined their processes, they can go even more quickly and smoothly with a few essential things from your side. In this blog, we provide a complete checklist of all you need to bring and do to accelerate the car hire process. If you want to enjoy the fastest, easiest car rental, make sure you have everything on this checklist.

Checklist Item #1: Have You Found the Best Deal?

Before you book, make sure you have explored every possible deal and have found the best one available. The car rental market is a competitive one and there are always great offers available. While the price is the main consideration, you should also look out for other factors, like the terms and conditions in the rental company’s contract.

Car Hire Checklist Item #2: Check and Understand the Fuel and Mileage Policies

Different companies – and different deals – will have different policies regarding fuel and mileage. Make sure you understand this upfront so there are no surprises later on. Do you need to fill the tank before you return the car? Can you return it empty? Do you only pay for what you use? How many kilometres of travel are covered in the rental, and how much will you have to pay per kilometre if you go over that limit?

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Car Hire Checklist Item #3: Bring ID and Proof of Address

No matter which payment option you choose, you will need to present positive proof of identity – your ID book/card, driver’s licence or passport. You will also need to present proof of address if you live in South Africa, or your flight details if you are visiting from abroad. Have these ready when you arrive.

Car Hire Checklist Item #4: Know What You Require

When it comes to extras – GPS, provision for additional drivers, extra insurance, WiFi hotspot, and so on, know upfront what you need, so you can ask for it. In fact, it is best to arrange your extras beforehand, when you make the booking. Then, there is no need to discuss extras at the counter, and possibly be “up-sold” into something you don’t really need.

Come to Highway Bakkie Hire for Fuss-Free Car Rental

At Highway Bakkie Hire, we make car rental easy. Contact us for to ask any questions or make a booking. You can do so on the hiring page on our website too!

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